About Us

Located in Lilburn, GA, we’re a full-service business consultancy company for startups, helping them to establish and succeed from beginning to end with a personal feel.

At Brainstorming Beauty Business Consulting, we offer business consultation and bookkeeping services to guarantee the success of your business and assist you in updating your financial records accurately.

Our team of qualified consultants believes in your vision, offers unconditional support, sets up business plans, and offers the financial solutions they need to thrive. We collaborate with you to ensure that your business activities are carried out in a way that maintains the integrity of your financial transactions.

At Brainstorming Beauty Business Consulting, we benefit from the expertise of our Finance professionals and offer solutions that work best for your business. We offer you the neutrality, assistance, and knowledge you need to flourish in the financial market. Our effective and professional services to various sectors offer business owners the financial information they require to grow and succeed in their business dreams.

We closely work with you to ensure that your concerns are answered promptly and responded to instantly. We communicate in a language you’re comfortable with and focus on your happiness.

We Are Your Biggest Fans!

At Brainstorming Beauty Business Consulting team, we have 10+ years of experience working with firms of different sizes and fields. As a crucial resource for up-and-coming firms, we’re fortified to grow your business efficiently as if it were our own.

We Connect You with The Right Resources.
We know the opportunities and pitfalls that may await you when starting your business. That is why our business consulting services connect you with the necessary tools to help you refrain from the pitfalls while optimizing opportunities. Our insights and expertise lessen overhead costs and design and develop an internal structure that offers your clients confidence in your

We Stay Up-To-Date

Here, we continuously upgrade our services to stay updated with variations in the bookkeeping industry. We make your involvement in the back-end process as minimal as you would like. We seamlessly handle the entire operation to spend all your time obtaining new clients and
focusing on winning cases.

About The Founder

The name, Brainstorming Beauty Business Consulting, occurred to me in 2016. It is a black female-owned business with the goal of consulting with clients on financial issues and setups.

Recently, when I started a business with my spouse, I truly learned the basics of starting a business, from beginning to end. I’m passionate about assisting others, from entity to business credit assistance and much more.
I established Brainstorming Beauty Business Consulting to attract current and new business owners who need help digging into their finances. I hope to attract dreamers, the clients that have the vision but don’t know how to get started.

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